At Faast Cycles we work on all makes and models of bikes, trikes and recumbents. We do everything from basic tune ups and flat fixes, to suspension overhauls and custom wheel building. 

From April 1st until September 1st we are by-appointment-only for Tune-ups. Call us at (937) 306-8666 for an appointment.

These are some of our more popular services:

  • Safety Check $ 35

Just want to have a thorough check over before the season or a long ride? With the Safety check we will top off the tires, check the frame, wheels, and components for structural integrity, and check the torque on all hardware.

  • Standard Tune-Up $ 65

This is your yearly service package. We will true the wheels on a truing stand, give the frame and wheels a cleaning, then adjust all of your bike's systems, including all of the bearing systems.

  • Heavy Duty Tune-Up $ 95

The Heavy duty Tune-Up includes everything in the Standard Tune-Up plus a heavy cleaning of the drivetrain and derailleurs. Your bike will be grease-free and shiny! 

  • Pro Level Tune-up $ 145*

This is the overhaul. We will pull the whole bike apart clean and regrease all components the put it all back together to factory specs. Your bike will also get new cables, housing, and bar tape* (for road bikes). 

  • Flat Fix $ 10 (plus tube)

  • Wheel True $ 10 - $20

  • Adjust Component $ 10

Fitting Prices:

Comprehensive Fit                  $175*

     This is the best fitting to maximize ergonomics, power, and comfort on your road or mountain machine. Includes a Physical and Structural assessment on and off the bike and a full fit report with you and your bikes measurements so you can transfer you fit to new or rental bikes. 

Duration: About 2 hrs.

TT/ Triathlon Fit                       $225*      

     The TT/ Triathlon Fit includes everything in our Comprehensive Fit and adds a more detailed aero bar fitting to maximize speed and efficiency.

Duration: About 3 hrs.    


 * Parts and equipment to be purchased seperately